Bird Safety Corner ~ Amy Hopkins

Amy Hopkins is a physician living and working in Connecticut who has the good fortune to be companion to six wonderful birds, five cockatiels and a rose-breasted cockatoo, not to mention an elderly turtle, and is also an avid bird-watcher, both locally and around the world. She is Programs and Promotions Chair for the The Parrot Club, Connecticut's oldest companion bird club and is a long-term board member. She is also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and has worked with both songbirds and raptors. Bird safety and health issues are of great importance to her, and she has given lectures on these topics to many bird clubs in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. She was a featured speaker on bird safety for the Long Island Parrot Society's annual show in October, 2012. She writes a monthly safety column for The Parrot Club's bulletin, which is also reproduced by a number of other bird clubs. 

She believes that if even one bird's life is saved by these talks and columns, it will be worth it. All articles are copyrighted. 

Birds and Other Animals
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Car Safety Part 2
Emergency Information for You and Your Parrots
Essential Oils
Food Part 1
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Heating Systems
Indoor Air Pollutants
Insect Repellants
Kitchen Part 1
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Lead and Zinc
Mechanical Air Filters
Misc. Household Hazards Part 1
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Paint and Wallpaper
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