Welcome to the Minnesota
Companion Bird Association!

The Minnesota Companion Bird Association (MCBA) is a 501c-3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all avian species kept as companion birds. Our members have bird species from finches and budgies (parakeets) to large macaws. 

The mission of the MCBA is to help keep companion birds and their owners happily together by providing an educational, social and commercial network for people who are interested in or who already keep pet birds. 

To meet these goals we meet monthly and have the opportunity to hear speakers who bring us up-to-date information on bird behavior and training, diet and nutrition, avian diseases and treatment, conservation of birds and habitat in the wild and a host of other topics. We provide an opportunity to get together with other people who are also interested in these fascinating and wonderful feathered creatures and who can share their experiences and knowledge.

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Important Information

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Please check out our Events page to see when our upcoming monthly meetings, board meetings and other parrot events that are coming up at MCBA.

Here is a little more information on our organization - hope to see you at an upcoming meeting!


MCBA has compiled this list for you to use as an informational resource only, to find avian vets in your area.

Bird of the Month

Indigo is a female blue and gold macaw. She is a good girl, when she wants to be. Unfortunately you never know when she wants to be. She loves to play on her manzanita perch and swing and swing and swing (in case you didn't get it, she LOVES her swing). She steps up real well and loves to be up with the family. But she has a terribly annoying habit of acting fine then... Suddenly....BARK!!!  No, she's not a dog but if you've ever heard a B&G's bark you know what it is like and how ear piercing that can be. That's the snotty part of her personality. She's a Prima Donna and firmly believes she rules the house and all who live within her realm… Her family feel like her servants so maybe she's right. For the most part she's a good girl and a joy to have in their family.